Banner o Bouches-du-Rhône
Coat o airms o Bouches-du-Rhône
Coat o airms
Location of Bouches-du-Rhône in Fraunce
Location of Bouches-du-Rhône in Fraunce
Kintra France
Region Provence-Alpes-
Côte d'Azur
Prefectur Marseille
Subprefecturs Aix-en-Provence
 •  Preses o the General Cooncil Jean-Noël Guérini ( PS)
Area 1
 • Total 5,087 km2 (1,964 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Tot 1,958,926
 • Rank 3rd
 • Density 390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zone CET ( UTC+1)
 • Summer ( DST) CEST ( UTC+2)
Depairtment number 13
Arrondissements 4
Cantons 57
Communes 119
^1 French Land Register data, which exclude estuaries, an lakes, ponds, an glaciers lairger than 1 km2
Istres, fowert lairgest toun o Bouches-du-Rhône (40,000 inhabitants)
Guardian hoose in Camargue
Castle o Tarascon
Arles Amphitheatre

Bouches-du-Rhône ( Occitan: Bocas de Ròse, lit. "Mooths o the Rhône") is a depairtment in the sooth o Fraunce named efter the mooth o the Rhône River.


History o the department

Bouches-du-Rhône is ane o the oreeginal 83 depairtments creatit durin the French Revolution on 4 Mairch 1790. It wis creatit frae the wastren pairt o the umwhile province o Provence an the principalities o Orange, Martigues, an Lambesc. It lost pairt o its territory in 1793, includin Orange an Apt, when the Vaucluse depairtment wis creatit.

Follaein its creation, the depairtment wis immediately strangly an actively supportive o the French Revolution, containin 90 "Jacobin Clubs" by 1794. [1] It wis an aa noteworthy that mair than 50% o the priests in the depairtment acceptit the Ceevil Constitution o the Clergy which in effect subordinatit the kirk tae the govrenment. [2] Durin the ascendancy o the Communist Pairty in the twintiet century election results indicatit that support for left-wing politics remained relatively strang in the depairtment, an especially in the northren suburbs o Marseille.

History o the aurie

The history o the aurie is closely linked tae that o Provence. Marseille haes been an important harbor syne afore Julius Caesar's conquest o Gaul. The Roman presence haes left numerous monuments athort the depairtment.

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