This article is titled in another language/script, because there is no suitable name in Myanmar language yet.
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Usual filename extensions.f, .for, .f90, .f95
Paradigmmulti-paradigm: structured, imperative (procedural, object-oriented), generic
ပေါ်ပေါက်ခဲ့၁၉၅၇; ၆၁ နှစ် အကြာက (၁၉၅၇)
ဒီဇိုင်းဆွဲသူJohn Backus
မွမ်းမံသူJohn Backus and IBM
အမျိုးအစားစနစ်strong, static, manifest
ပင်မ အသုံးချမှုများAbsoft, Cray, GFortran, G95, IBM XL Fortran, Intel, Hitachi, Lahey/Fujitsu, Numerical Algorithms Group, Open Watcom, PathScale, PGI, Silverfrost, Oracle Solaris Studio, Visual Fortran, others
လွှမ်းမိုးခဲ့ALGOL 58, BASIC, C, Chapel,[၁] CMS-2, Julia, PL/I, PACT I, MUMPS and Ratfor

Fortran (previously FORTRAN[၂]) သည် ဂဏန်းသင်္ချာ နှင် သိပ္ပံ တွက်ချက်ရေး အတွက် general-purpose,[၃] procedural,[၄] imperative programming language ဖြစ်သည်။


  1. Chapel spec (Acknowledgements)။ Cray Inc (2015-10-01)။ 2016-01-14 တွင် ပြန်စစ်ပြီး။
  2. The names of earlier versions of the language through FORTRAN 77 were conventionally spelled in all-caps (FORTRAN 77 was the version in which the use of lowercase letters in keywords was strictly nonstandard). The capitalization has been dropped in referring to newer versions beginning with Fortran 90. The official language standards now refer to the language as "Fortran." Because the capitalization (or lack thereof) of the word FORTRAN was never 100% consistent in actual usage, and because many hold impassioned beliefs on the issue, this article, rather than attempt to be normative, adopts the convention of using the all-caps FORTRAN in referring to versions of FORTRAN through FORTRAN 77 and the title-caps Fortran in referring to versions of Fortran from Fortran 90 onward. This convention is reflected in the capitalization of FORTRAN in the ANSI X3.9-1966 (FORTRAN 66) and ANSI X3.9-1978 (FORTRAN 77) standards and the title caps Fortran in the ANSI X3.198-1992 (Fortran 90) standard.
  3. Since FORTRAN 77, which introduced the CHARACTER data type.
  4. Since FORTRAN II (1958).
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