ISO 3166-2:FR

ISO 3166-2:FR
instantia de: ISO 3166-2 data set of a specific country[*], ISO standard[*]
parte de: ISO 3166-2

Metropolitan departments

Map of metropolitan France with each department labelled with the second part of its ISO 3166-2 code (area around Paris shown in inset).
Code Subdivision name In metropolitan region
FR-01 Departimento Ain
FR-02 Departimento Aisne
FR-03 Departimento Allier
FR-04 Departimento Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
FR-06 Departimento Alpes-Maritimes
FR-07 Departimento Ardeche
FR-08 Departimento Ardennes
FR-09 Departimento Ariege
FR-10 Departimento Aube
FR-11 Departimento Aude K
FR-12 Departimento Aveyron
FR-67 Departimento Bas-Rhin A
FR-13 Departimento Bouches-du-Rhone
FR-14 Departimento Calvados
FR-15 Departimento Cantal
FR-16 Departimento Charente
FR-17 Departimento Charente-Maritime
FR-18 Departimento Cher
FR-19 Departimento Correze
FR-2A Departimento Corse-du-Sud
FR-21 Departimento Cote-d'Or
FR-22 Departimento Cotes-d'Armor
FR-23 Departimento Creuse
FR-79 Departimento Deux-Sevres
FR-24 Departimento Dordogne
FR-25 Departimento Doubs I
FR-26 Departimento Drome
FR-91 Departimento Essonne
FR-27 Departimento Eure
FR-28 Departimento Eure-et-Loir
FR-29 Departimento Finistere
FR-30 Departimento Gard K
FR-32 Departimento Gers
FR-33 Departimento Gironde
FR-2B Departimento Haute-Corse
FR-31 Departimento Haute-Garonne
FR-43 Departimento Haute-Loire
FR-52 Departimento Haute-Marne
FR-05 Departimento Hautes-Alpes
FR-70 Departimento Haute-Saone I
FR-74 Departimento Haute-Savoie
FR-65 Departimento Hautes-Pyrenees}}
FR-87 Departimento Haute-Vienne
FR-68 Departimento Haut-Rhin A
FR-92 Departimento Hauts-de-Seine
FR-34 Departimento Herault K
FR-35 Departimento Ille-et-Vilaine
FR-36 Departimento Indre
FR-37 Departimento Indre-et-Loire
FR-38 Departimento Isere
FR-39 Departimento Jura I
FR-40 Departimento Landes
FR-42 Departimento Loire
FR-44 Departimento Loire-Atlantique
FR-45 Departimento Loiret
FR-41 Departimento Loir-et-Cher
FR-46 Departimento Lot
FR-47 Departimento Lot-et-Garonne
FR-48 Departimento Lozere K
FR-49 Departimento Maine-et-Loire
FR-50 Departimento Manche
FR-51 Departimento Marne
FR-53 Departimento Mayenne
FR-54 Departimento Meurthe-et-Moselle
FR-55 Departimento Meuse
FR-56 Departimento Morbihan
FR-57 Departimento Moselle
FR-58 Departimento Nievre
FR-59 Departimento Nord
FR-60 Departimento Oise
FR-61 Departimento Orne
FR-75 Departimento Paris
FR-62 Departimento Pas-de-Calais
FR-63 Departimento Puy-de-Dome
FR-64 Departimento Pyrenes-Atlantiques
FR-66 Departimento Pyrenees-Orientales K
FR-69 Departimento Rhone [1]
FR-71 Departimento Saone-et-Loire
FR-72 Departimento Sarthe
FR-73 Departimento Savoie
FR-77 Departimento Seine-et-Marne
FR-76 Departimento Seine-Maritime
FR-93 Departimento Seine-Saint-Denis
FR-80 Departimento Somme
FR-81 Departimento Tarn
FR-82 Departimento Tarn-et-Garonne
FR-90 Departimento Territoire de Belfort I
FR-94 Departimento Val-de-Marne
FR-95 Departimento Val-d'Oise
FR-83 Departimento Var
FR-84 Departimento Vaucluse
FR-85 Departimento Vendee
FR-86 Departimento Vienne
FR-88 Departimento Vosges
FR-89 Departimento Yonne
FR-78 Departimento Yvelines
  1. The FR-69 code in ISO 316-2 still covers the department of Rhône as it was before 1 January 2015 when it was split in two parts, one of which is no longer a department but a métropole with specific status. Still, the Métropole de Lyon and the new department of Rhône are administratively managed by the French state as a single circonscription départementale (departmental constituency) that keeps the old department code.
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