Xu Shijie

Xu Shijie
Communist Party Secretary of Hainan
In office
April 1988 – June 1990
Preceded byNew office
Succeeded byDeng Hongxun
Personal details
Born29 November 1920
Chenghai County, Guangdong, China
Died27 July 1991(1991-07-27) (aged 70)
Political partyCommunist Party of China

Xu Shijie (Chinese: 许士杰; Wade–Giles: Hsü Shih-chieh; 29 November 1920 – 27 July 1991)[1] was a Chinese Communist revolutionary and politician. He held many positions in his native province of Guangdong, including as Party Chief of the provincial capital Guangzhou. He came out of retirement in 1988 to serve as the inaugural Party Chief of the newly established province and special economic zone of Hainan. In Hainan he worked closely with Governor Liang Xiang to implement reformist policies, but they were both dismissed in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and the fall of the liberal leader Zhao Ziyang. He died soon afterwards in 1991.

Early life

Xu was born on 29 November 1920 in Chenghai County, Guangdong Province. His father died when he was 13, but he continued to receive an education thanks to financial support from his overseas relatives. When Japan invaded China in 1937, he joined the anti-Japanese resistance, and the Chinese Communist Party the following year.[1][2]

Other Languages
中文: 许士杰