Wright Flyer II

Wright Flyer II
Wilbur in Flyer II circling Huffman Prairie in November 1904. The front elevator has been enlarged and the radiator moved to a rear strut.
RoleExperimental airplane
National originUnited States
DesignerOrville and Wilbur Wright
Number built1
Developed fromWright Flyer
Developed intoWright Flyer III

The Wright Flyer II was the second powered aircraft built by Wilbur and Orville Wright. During 1904 they used it to make a total of 105 flights, ultimately achieving flights lasting five minutes and also making full circles, which was accomplished by Wilbur for the first time on September 20.

Design and development

The design of the Flyer II was very similar to the original 1903 Flyer, but with a slightly more powerful engine and construction using white pine instead of the spruce they used in the 1903 machine as well as the gliders of 1900–1902. An important change was reducing the wing camber to 1-in-25 from the 1-in-20 used in 1903. The brothers felt that less camber would reduce drag though less lift was actually achieved. With these alterations Flyer II was heavier by some 200 pounds than the 1903 machine.

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