Sub-prefecture and town
Womey is located in Guinea
Location in Guinea
Coordinates: 8°04′41″N 8°46′55″W / 8°04′41″N 8°46′55″W / 8.078; -8.782
Country Guinea
RegionNzérékoré Region
PrefectureNzérékoré Prefecture
Time zoneGMT (UTC+0)

Womey (or Womé or Ouomé) is a town and sub-prefecture in the Nzérékoré Prefecture in the Nzérékoré Region of Guinea.[1]

The sub-prefecture is 494 km2 in area and has a population of 13,196 (2014 census).[2]

Incident on 16 September 2014

On September 16, 2014, a local Guinean government team arrived in Womey to educate the population about ebola. They were set upon by local people, and later the bodies of eight of them were found in a public latrine pit.[3][4][5]

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