Women's One Day International cricket

Women's One Day International cricket (ODI) is the limited overs form of women's cricket. Matches are scheduled for 50 overs, equivalent to the men's game. The first women's ODIs were played in 1973, as part of the first Women's World Cup which was held in England. The first ODI saw the hosts beat an International XI. The 1,000th women's ODI took place between South Africa and New Zealand on 13 October 2016.[1]

Involved nations

In 2006, the ICC announced that only the top-10 ranked sides would have Test and ODI status. During the 2011 Women's Cricket World Cup Qualifier Netherlands lost its One Day status by virtue of not finishing in the top 6 placings. As the top 4 teams with One Day status were not required to take part in this qualifying tournament, the top 6 in this tournament constituted the top 10 overall placings. Bangladesh replaced the Netherlands as one of the ten countries which currently have One Day status.[2] Countries which currently have One Day status are:

The following teams have also played ODIs, but currently do not have ODI status, although they may qualify to regain that status in the future.

There are also four other teams which once had ODI status, but no longer play such games. Three appeared only in the 1973 Women's Cricket World Cup. The four former ODI teams are: