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Clockwise from top: St Peter's Collegiate Church, the Chubb Building, Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the i10 building as part of the Interchange Project.
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W'ton, W'hampton, Wolves, Wolvo, Wolftown
"Out of darkness cometh light"
Wolverhampton shown within the West Midlands county
Wolverhampton shown within the West Midlands county
Coordinates: 52°35′N 2°08′W / 52°35′N 2°08′W / 52.583; -2.133

Wolverhampton (ən/ (About this soundlisten)) is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England. At the 2011 census, it had a population of 249,470.[2][3] The demonym for people from the city is 'Wulfrunian'.

Historically part of Staffordshire, the city grew initially as a market town specialising in the woollen trade. In the Industrial Revolution, it became a major centre for coal mining, steel production, lock making and the manufacture of cars and motorcycles. The economy of the city is still based on engineering, including a large aerospace industry, as well as the service sector.[4]


The city is named after Wulfrun, who founded the town in 985, from the Anglo-Saxon Wulfrūnehēantūn ("Wulfrūn's high or principal enclosure or farm").[5][6][7] Prior to the Norman Conquest, the area's name appears only as variants of Heantune or Hamtun, the prefix Wulfrun or similar appearing in 1070 and thereafter.[6] Alternatively, the city may have earned its original name from Wulfereēantūn ("Wulfhere's high or principal enclosure or farm") after the Mercian King,[8] who tradition tells us established an abbey in 659, though no evidence of an abbey has been found.[9] The variation Wolveren Hampton is seen in medieval records, e.g. in 1381.[10]

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