Williamstown High School (Victoria)

Williamstown High School

Williamstown High School is a public co-educational secondary school located in the Melbourne suburb of Williamstown. Williamstown or 'Willi' high is one of four government schools in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.[1] It is a multi-campus school with both campuses located within walking distance. The two campuses are known as Bayview street and Pasco street campus. It is known to be one of the first public schools in Melbourne with a history of over 100 years.[2]


Bayview Street Campus

Bayview St is the junior campus which houses students Years 7–9. It caters for approximately 750 students and employs around 75 staff members. The Bayview Street Campus was formerly the Point Gellibrand Girls School but merged with WHS in 2000.[3]


The School was redeveloped in 2005 to become a model for environmental education. The campus is the first high school in Victoria to receive a 5 Green Star rating by Green Building Council of Australia and has won several awards for its sustainable and clever design. While the schools' design was built with sustainability as its main factor, the curriculum to students is also heavily focused on the environment. The Jawbone marine sanctuary is located behind the school and plays a key role in the Marine education centre located in the school. The marine centre is staffed by a marine biologist and features 9 habitat displays, its role is to promote awareness to the delicate marine ecosystem.[4] Some environmental features of the school include 57 solar panels, rainwater collection system for flushing toilets and irrigation, vegetable gardens, composting facilities, wetland area, built using plantation and recycled materials and a unique design layout for natural cooling/heating without the use of electricity.[5][6][7]

Pasco Street Campus

The Pasco Campus is a historic site that provides education to Year 10 and VCE students. The Campus was built in 1875 and consists of buildings from different decades. The oldest building dates from 1867, this gives a different more mature learning environment much like that of a university.[8]

The Campus is split into the following blocks:

  • S Block (Science Labs in the upper level and several classrooms below)
  • A Block (Math and media classrooms, Administration office)
  • L Block (Library, normal classrooms, computer labs, staff offices)
  • P Block/Portables (Classrooms that range from French, English, History etc.)
  • Q Block/Quadrangle (technology and normal classrooms, staff offices)

The students at Pasco are given many opportunities for their learning and their future. This includes:

  • A full range of VCE units and accelerated – university studies
  • Vocational Education and Training in Schools – (VETiS)
  • Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) which is a school-based apprenticeship and an alternative pathway to VCE.

Year 10 students are given the choice to choose all their subjects in preparation for VCE. This excludes the compulsory subjects English, Math (Advanced or Standard), one semester of humanities (out of six subtopics) and one semester of core science. Year 10 students are also invited to apply for a VCE unit 1 and 2 subjects if they are recommended do so.[9]

Facilities at Pasco include:

  • Two drama and art performance areas. Soul City and the Centenary Theatre.
  • Darkroom Photography
  • Fully equipt and modern science labs
  • Recording studio and music rooms
  • Computer labs
  • Gym and basketball courts
  • Fully equipt Wood technology room
  • Year 12 Study centre
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