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The multicoloured feathers look impressive when they're puffed up, but without the feathers, the peacock looks just like an ordinary bird.

Wikipuffery is the puffing of a subject or the addition of praise-filled adjectives and claims. They may be there to exaggerate the notability of the article subject to avoid deletion of the article. Examples include use of adjectives as "famous", "notable", "award-winning", "acclaimed", or "influential", detailed listings of minor biographical details (including complete lists of anything related to the person or topic), and lead paragraphs that proclaim the superiority of the subject.


The examples below use puffery:

  • Foo Barkley (born 1970) is a highly-acclaimed, award-winning American filmmaker ...
  • Talia Xshosa (born 1960) is a renowned, critically-acclaimed Nigerian novelist ...
  • Bringers of Death are a legendary, highly influential death metal band from Albany, NY ...
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