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Hello, and welcome to WikiProject Reliability. This WikiProject is dedicated to improving the reliability of Wikipedia articles. We ensure that articles are supported by reliable sources, answer inquiries on the reliable sources noticeboard, and maintain a list of frequently discussed sources. This project works to achieve the goals of the verifiability and no original research policies. If you would like to help, please join the project, participate on the talk page and see the open tasks below.

Getting started

  • Do you have an article/fact/reference that needs checking? See the guidelines for help with tagging articles for review and correction.
  • Do you want to help improve the reliability of Wikipedia? Lend a hand with some of the open tasks, and add your name to the participants list.
  • Do you have a question? Please feel free to comment on the project talk page, and someone will try to help as soon as possible!

Scope and goals


This WikiProject covers all articles on Wikipedia.


  1. Ensure that content in articles is verifiable
    • Identify and tag claims that require verification with appropriate templates
    • Perform fact and reference checks for articles with verification templates
    • Provide assistance with factual verification to editors
  2. Improve the reliability of sources cited in articles
    • Add citations to reliable sources
    • Replace citations to questionable sources with citations to better sources
    • Remove content supported by questionable sources when it is unsupported by reliable sources
  3. Participate in discussions on the reliable sources noticeboard
  4. Maintain the list of perennial sources
    • Add perennial sources that are missing from the page
    • Index new discussions from the reliable sources noticeboard
    • Update entries when noticeboard discussions are archived


Articles with no references

For an article with no citations, add the template to the top of the corresponding talk page, which shows:

WikiProject Reliability
WikiProject icon

This also adds the page to Category:Wikipedia reliable sources.


Barnstar of Reliability.pngBarnstar of Reliability
The Barnstar of Reliability is awarded to editors whose contributions improve the reliability of Wikipedia articles. To award this barnstar, click the WikiLove heart icon at the top of a user talk page (on a desktop or laptop computer), choose "Make your own", and use Barnstar of Reliability.png as the image filename.

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