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Only registered users with sufficent experience are allowed to create articles, so Articles for creation, which we call AfC, opens a path for new article creation. AfC works as a peer review process in which experienced registered editors can either help create an article submitted by an anonymous editor or decline the article because it is unsuitable for Wikipedia.

An article may be unsuitable for Wikipedia for a number of reasons. AfC submissions can be declined based on having insufficent content, consisting of vandalism or personal attacks, posting copyrighted material, not asserting notability (WP:N), and most often for not being properly sourced. We also do not accept new articles where a page on the topic already exists, even if under another name.

A lot of articles are posted at AfC and a dedicated team of editors is needed to review the requests. There is often a backlog, so please ensure submissions meet all Wikipedia guidelines to avoid repeated submissions and declines.