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User pages are administration pages in the User and User talk namespaces, and are useful for organizing and aiding the work users do on Wikipedia, and facilitating interaction and sharing between users. User pages are mainly for interpersonal discussion, notices, testing and drafts (see: Sandboxes), and, if desired, limited autobiographical and personal content.

User pages are available to Wikipedia users personally for purposes compatible with the Wikipedia project and acceptable to the community; Wikipedia is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site. Wikipedia policies concerning the content of pages can and generally do apply to user pages, and users must observe these policies. Users believed to be in violation of these policies should first be advised on their talk page using when immediate action is not otherwise necessary.

Terminology and page locations

Note: "Your" in this context means associated with you, not belonging to you.
User page 
Your user page has a name like this: User:Example. (This link is to yours.) Its normal use is to give basic information, if you wish, about yourself or your Wikimedia-related activities. You don't have to say anything about yourself. If you prefer to put nothing here, then you can redirect it to your user talk page for the convenience of other editors. You may also wish to create a global user page that will display on all Wikimedia projects where you have not created a local user page.
User talk page 
Your user talk page (sometimes abbreviated to "your talk page" or "your user talk") has a name like this: User talk:Example. (This link is to yours.) Its normal use is for messages from, and discussion with, other editors. For more information see Help:Using talk pages.

Video tutorial on creating a user page sandbox
You can create subpages of your User page and your Talk page. To create a subpage write the following text into any editable text area:

then copy and paste this text into the Wikipedia search box and press ENTER. This will bring you to a page with the title User:Your_Wikipedia_Name/subpage. Now click the CREATE-button next to the Wikipedia search box and your new subpage will be created for you. Click on EDIT, enter a few test words and save the new page. You will notice that different from your User page a subpage contains a backlink to your User page looking like this:


Clicking on the backlink will bring you to your User page. But, contrary to what you might expect, no new tab has been created for "subpages", for example, containing a list of all of your subpages; everything on your User page is unchanged. So how do you navigate to your subpage? As a method of last resort, you can always go back to your subpage by adding the title of your subpage to the url of your User page:

If your home page  url is:
just add the name of your subpage:


we used "subpage" as our first subpage name, and therefore the above url will get us to our newly created subpage.

There is, of course, an easier method, but it has to be done manually. Copy and modify the following text and put it on your User page:


After saving your User page, clicking on this link will provide you with a list of all pages, containing the string "User:Your_Wikipedia_Name", which in our test case includes the sandbox, the User page and, of course, the newly created subpage.

User pages or user space 
All of these pages are your user pages or user space. While you do not "own" them, by custom you may manage them as you wish, so long as you do so reasonably and within these guidelines.

You also have subpages ending in .js and .css to store any user scripts and skin customizations that you may wish to have when you edit Wikipedia. Only you and administrators can edit such pages, although anyone can view them.

Other useful pages: username policy, user page design center, archiving your talk page, and Wikipedia community information
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