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Browsing and editing

wikEd is a full-featured in-browser text editor for Wikipedia edit pages
  • Editing tools, tools intended to provide enhanced editing functionality. Contains edit page tools, edit bots, spellcheckers, wikisyntax conversion utilities, etc.
  • Browser tools, tools categorized by browser type
  • Citation tools, tools for citing and referencing
  • Anti-vandalism tools, tools for patrolling and cleaning up Wikipedia
  • Alternative browsing, alternatives to accessing Wikipedia through your web browser (mobile devices, desktop integration, alternate portals, etc.)
  • User scripts, a collection of JavaScript routines that add functionality to Wikipedia pages (e.g., regex search and replace, changing article formatting, and simplifying common tasks)
  • MW, "VCS-like nonsense for MediaWiki websites" with status, pull, diff, commit, and merge.
  • WatchlistBot is a bot that delivers realtime alerts via instant message (XMPP) when watched articles are edited or when watched users or IP networks edit.
  • Navigation shortcuts offer the ability to add personal links to the sidebar, providing quick and easy access to favourite articles within Wikipedia.
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