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A list of the articles chosen to be "Wikipedia:Today's featured article" in the last six months or so, to help those wanting to know whether there's been a recent article on a particular topic when considering nominating something at the requests page. It also provides details of page views, which may be helpful for determining correlations between reader views and subject areas.

The first item in the "FA category" column reflects the article's location at Wikipedia:Featured articles; the following elements are unofficial attempts to help be more specific (within reason).

The country reflects (in most cases) the current political entity without subdividing by state etc.

The "how chosen" column shows whether the article was nominated at the requests page or chosen by the TFA coordinators (Bencherlite for TFAs up to December 2014; Brianboulton, Crisco 1492 and Dank up to November 2016; Crisco 1492, Dank, Jimfbleak and Mike Christie from December through March 2017; Dank, Jimfbleak and Mike Christie from April to October 2017; and currently Dank, Jimfbleak, Ealdgyth and Wehwalt . Archived nominations can be found at Category:Wikipedia Today's featured article nominations; the archive is complete from April 2014 to date, and is mostly complete from November 2012 onwards.

Up until 30 September 2015, page view statistics are based on wikiviewstats uses rather than the 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC) time range that it had previously used. Also, note that these statistics ignore mobile viewers. Only page views on the day the article was featured are counted, and not the following three days during which it appears below the featured article. If page view figures are missing for a particular day, it is because they have not been analysed by the page view tool (usually due to omissions in the source data). See Wikipedia:Today's featured article/Most viewed for a selected list of articles that have attracted over 100,000 page views on the day on which they were featured. Such articles are indicated on this list in bold text. Starting from 1 October 2015, page view statistics are based on MusikAnimal's tool at toollabs:pageviews, which uses a Wikimedia API.

Please add TFAs in the following way (all dates in yyyy|mm|dd format):

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DateNameFA categoryCountryPromotedTFA waitPage viewsHow chosen

December 1, 2017
Beringian wolfMammals38399
December 2, 2017Chicago Pile-1HistoryUnited States51437
December 3, 2017American Arts Commemorative Series medallionsNumismaticsUnited States24288
December 4, 2017Typhoon OmarMeteorology22752
December 5, 2017YellowhammerBirds33,063
December 6, 2017Halifax ExplosionHistoryCanada155,344
December 7, 2017Habits (Stay High)Music32854
December 8, 2017Ian Johnson (cricketer)Sports and recreation biography21852
December 9, 2017Air Mata IboeFilmIndonesia20528
December 10, 2017Convention of 1833History25453
December 11, 2017Nigel (bishop of Ely)Religion and mysticism biographiesUnited Kingdom32407
December 12, 2017William Beach ThomasLiterature and theatre biographies30437
December 13, 2017Nights: Journey of DreamsVideo gamingOctober 19, 201755 days28458
December 14, 2017Morihei UeshibaSports and recreation biographiesJapan35724
December 15, 2017Hawker Hurricane in Yugoslav serviceWarfare matérielSerbia42386
December 16, 2017Portman RoadSport and recreationUnited Kingdom18,329
December 17, 2017Persoonia terminalisPlants15,634
December 18, 2017Galaxy Science FictionLiterature and theatreUnited Kingdom27482
December 19, 2017Chad Harris-CraneMedia fictional characters20985
December 20, 2017Guilden Morden boarMammals38627
December 21, 2017MuscaPhysics and astronomy19959
December 22, 2017Blast CorpsVideo gaming35227
December 23, 2017Mortimer WheelerArt, architecture, and archaeology biographiesUnited Kingdom24445TFAR
December 24, 2017The American Bible ChallengeTelevision shows31,249
December 25, 2017New Worlds (magazine)Literature and theatreUnited Kingdom22765
December 26, 2017Brazilian battleship São PauloWarfare matérielBrazil43685
December 27, 2017Battle of WinterthurWars, battles and eventsFrance44609
December 28, 2017Death of Leelah AlcornCulture and societyJune 23, 2017188 days112,986
December 29, 2017QatnaGeography and places35053
December 30, 2017William BorahPolitics and government biographies27929
December 31, 2017Birthday-number effectCulture and society47285TFAR

January 1, 2018
Joe WarbrickSports and recreation biography31116
January 2, 2018Lawrence WetherbyPolitics and government biographiesUnited States26981
January 3, 2018Red-backed fairywrenBirds22833
January 4, 2018Lilias ArmstrongLanguage and linguistics27378
January 5, 2018Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)Music30763
January 6, 2018Three Sisters (Oregon)Geography and places35810
January 7, 2018William of WrothamReligion and mysticism biographies28464
January 8, 2018Periodic tableChemistry and mineralogy70755
January 9, 2018Der 100. PsalmMusicGermany17871
January 10, 2018Hrithik RoshanMedia biographiesIndia75060
January 11, 2018Rochdale CenotaphWarfare26277
January 12, 2018True Detective (season 1)Television48069
January 13, 2018SMS WittelsbachWarfare matérielGermany35997
January 14, 2018California State Route 94TransportUnited States24280
January 15, 2018AnkylosaurusDinosaurs49453
January 16, 2018Illinois Centennial half dollarNumismaticsUnited States25621
January 17, 2018Eastbourne manslaughterLaw65792
January 18, 2018Cleopatra Selene of SyriaRoyalty and nobility biographiesSyria51415
January 19, 2018Sonic SpinballVideo gaming29013
January 20, 2018Reg Pollard (general)Warfare biographies27124
January 21, 2018Saguaro National ParkGeography and places26682
January 22, 2018S-50 (Manhattan Project)History38959
January 23, 2018Candaules, King of Lydia, Shews his Wife by Stealth to Gyges, One of his Ministers, as She Goes to BedArt, architecture, and archaeology87936
January 24, 2018August MeysznerWarfare biographies71,932
January 25, 2018Lycoperdon perlatumFungi30277
January 26, 2018Australian Defence ForceWarfareAustralia47512
January 27, 2018Finnish Civil WarWars, battles and eventsFinland65200
January 28, 2018Cento Vergilianus de laudibus ChristiLiterature and theatre27900
January 29, 2018Baltimore railroad strike of 1877History42300
January 30, 2018OviriArt, architecture, and archaeology23075
January 31, 2018Cape sparrowBirds21541

February 1, 2018
250t-class torpedo boatWarfare matériel41764
February 2, 2018Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin, BWV 125Art and architectureGermany20921
February 3, 2018Plunketts Creek (Loyalsock Creek tributary)Geography and places24566
February 4, 20181998 NFC Championship GameSports and recreation32540
February 5, 2018White-breasted nuthatchBirds30150
February 6, 2018Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of RussiaRoyalty and nobility biographiesRussiaNovember 24, 20107 years, 74 days106,740
February 7, 2018Guadalcanal CampaignWars, battles and events54288
February 8, 2018U.S. Route 50 in NevadaTransportUnited States45697
February 9, 2018CragsideArt and architectureUnited Kingdom37,804
February 10, 2018Tropical Depression Ten (2005)Meteorology20747
February 11, 2018Van Diemen's Land v Port Phillip, 1851Sports and recreationAustralia19994
February 12, 2018Indian Head gold piecesNumismatics32514
February 13, 2018StretfordGeography and placesUnited Kingdom20512
February 14, 2018Paxillus involutusFungus30607
February 15, 2018Fantastic (magazine)Literature31772
February 16, 2018Space SeedMediaMay 14, 20152 years, 278 days37294
February 17, 2018Isabelle EberhardtLiterature and theatre biographies59059
February 18, 2018Lazarus AaronsonLiterature and theatre biographies23039
February 19, 2018Dungeon SiegeVideo gamingJuly 25, 2017209 days37064
February 20, 2018MaxinquayeMusic35790
February 21, 2018North Ronaldsay sheepMammals37784
February 22, 2018ÆthelflædRoyalty and nobility biographies54144
February 23, 2018A Cure for PokeritisMedia32937
February 24, 2018PyxisAstronomy21489
February 25, 2018USS West Bridge (ID-2888)Warfare matériél31961
February 26, 2018StegocerasDinosaurs40719
February 27, 2018Olivia ManningLiterature and theatre biographies33972
February 28, 2018Flight Unlimited IIIVideo gaming38621

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