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Boogeyman 2 is a 2007 supernatural horror film edited and directed by Jeff Betancourt and written by Brian Sieve. It stars Danielle Savre as Laura Porter, a young woman who as a child witnessed the murder of her parents by an unknown assailant. Believing the killer to have been the Boogeyman, she participates in group therapy to overcome her phobia. After the creature becomes a reality, her fellow patients are murdered one by one, with their fears being used against them. Following the financial success of the previous film, production began in October 2006, with filming taking place at the former Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles. After a sold-out screening at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival in October 2007, the film was released direct-to-video in January 2008. Critics described the plot and characters as unoriginal and boring but praised the death sequences and a more realistic approach to the Boogeyman, setting the film apart from contemporary creature features. Although Boogeyman 2 earned only around $4.3 million on a budget of $4.5 million, it was followed by Boogeyman 3, released in October 2008. ( Full article...)

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The "Interrupted Flight" monument to the victims

The Kragujevac massacre (21 October 1941) was the mass murder of almost 2,800 men and boys in the city of Kragujevac in the German-occupied territory of Serbia by German soldiers during World War II. Coming in reprisal for insurgent attacks that killed 10 German soldiers in the Gornji Milanovac district, it followed a punitive German operation in which 492 males were shot and four villages were burned down. The victims included Serbs, Jews, Romani people, Muslims, Macedonians, and Slovenes. The massacre exacerbated tensions between the two guerrilla movements, the communist-led Partisans and the royalist, Serbian nationalist Chetniks, and convinced Chetnik leader Draža Mihailović that further attacks against the Germans would only result in more Serb civilian deaths. Several senior German military officials were tried and convicted during and after the Nuremberg Trials for their involvement in the reprisal shootings. The massacre has been the subject of several poems and feature films. Commemorated annually in Serbia, it is memorialised at the October in Kragujevac Memorial Park and its 21st October Museum. ( Full article...)

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