Wikipedia:Templates with red links

This page lists templates with red links (which lead to non-existent internal pages). Certain links are not checked, including Parameterized links, links to images, category membership links, interwiki links, and Special: links.

How can I help?

Visit each template and get a sense of what's going on.

  • Some red links are the result of typos, spelling errors, or formatting errors, which can be fixed easily. Many of these will have already been fixed in the templates, and need only be removed from the list.
  • If the article referenced by a red link deserves to exist, you can start it and then mark it as a stub. It may also be effective to ask the editor who added that link to the template to make the article, as they may have more knowledge of the subject.
  • If you think an existing article will fit the bill, you can edit the link in the template to point to it directly, and create a redirect from the original target of the red link, so future linkers can benefit from your work.
  • If you think no article with that title should ever, ever exist (or if the article has been deleted), you can remove the link. It's fine to leave red links to useful potential articles, as a signal to other editors that the article needs to be created, but editors are always encouraged to write the article first, before adding excessive redlinks to a template. (See also Wikipedia:Most wanted articles).
  • If you come across an entire template that you think should not exist, please review the applicable standards at Wikipedia:Templates for discussion, and, if appropriate, nominate that template for deletion.

When all the red links in a template have been resolved (fixed, removed, or articles have been made), the listing should be removed from the project subpage, and the count updated on this page.

In order to help people find this project, consider using an edit summary like the following: Template red link repair ([[Wikipedia:Templates with red links|You can help!]])

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