Except in main namespace (article namespace), where the subpage feature has been disabled in the English Wikipedia, subpages are pages separated with a "/" (a slash) from their 'parent' page.

Making a new [[link]] that begins with a / (slash) is the common way to start a subpage. The page to which this link points is considered "subordinate" to its host page, and is titled and linked as [[Parentpage/Subpage]]. It is possible to create a subpage of a subpage (or a sub-subpage). At the top of each subpage or sub-subpage, you can find a backlink (a.k.a. breadcrumb) to the higher levels of the page.

Allowed uses

  1. User subpages—making extra pages within your own user namespace, e.g. [[User:Example/Draft of article]] or [[User:Example/About me]].
  2. WikiProject subpages—for project-specific templates, discussion, or guidelines pages.
  3. Portal subpages—for Portal-specific templates and content.
  4. Dividing up Wikipedia process pages (e.g., Wikipedia:Articles for deletion, Wikipedia:Pages needing attention, etc.) which would otherwise get too big to be easily used.
  5. Documentation subpages for templates.
  6. Talk page archiving—both article Talk and User_talk pages are typically archived by moving discussion to numbered subpages. This allows the discussion to still be searchable, rather than requiring a hunt through the page history.
  7. Talk page adjuncts, such as an article's /to do list or the /Comments pages used for Good Article review. A particularly long and complicated may also be put on an /ArticleHistory transclude page.
  8. Temporary subpages in Talk namespace, usually formatted [[Talk:Example Article/Temp]] or [[Talk:Example Article/Dumping ground]], for example the kind of "/Temp" pages that can be created from Template:Copyvio, which allow editors to begin creating an entirely new article from scratch while the copyright violation is being sorted.
    Avoid additional incoming and outward links that would make it appear as if this "/Temp" page is part of the encyclopedia: that is, in the case the Copyvio template is used, only this template, applied in article namespace, can link to the "/Temp" article from article or "main" namespace. See Disallowed uses below for further recommendations on how to avoid creating the impression a "/Temp" page is an encyclopedia page. Other common variants are [[Talk:Example Article/Draft]] and [[Talk:Example Article/Sandbox]]. Such temp pages are also sometimes used for template and Wikipedia-namespace development.
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