Wikipedia:Picture of the day/Guidelines

These are the guidelines for writing picture of the day (POTD) blurbs.

The steps to take, in order, are:

  1. Select an image to be the POTD (see #Scheduling).
  2. Add {{picture of the day|YYYY-MM-DD}} to the image description page. If it's a rerun (which should hardly ever happen, because there is a huge backlog of pictures that have not yet been scheduled), add an additional date parameter to the existing template.
  3. Write the blurb (see #Writing the blurb).
  4. Notify the nominator and/or uploader using .
  5. When it gets near to the scheduled date, a bot (currently AnomieBOT) will create the protected version (if it cannot, it will post a message to Wikipedia talk:Picture of the day; in that case, it will have to be done manually – see #Protected version).


The POTDs are taken from the featured pictures, generally in the order of their promotion (first in, first out). The promotion order can be found either by going through the archives or in reverse order on the various group pages of Wikipedia:Featured pictures thumbs. In order for them to be properly protected and be reviewed for content, they should be done at least three days in advance.

Try not to schedule the same "theme" in close succession (such as having two bird pictures right after each other). If there are two images of the same subject that were promoted close together, put a gap in between their appearances, such as these two carbon nanotube images (May 30, 2006 and June 28, 2006), which were promoted in close succession).

Certain images may be placed on specific days to honor anniversaries, such as this map of India, which ran on Indian Independence Day.

Not all featured pictures will be scheduled for POTD. For example, File:Earth-Moon.png is just too wide to fit into the layout, File:Michele Merkin 1.jpg is a bit too salacious and File:Japanesesuicide.jpg is too grotesque. The standard for inclusion on editorial grounds (as opposed to technical ones) is to use an analogy: if a picture probably wouldn't make the front page of a major newspaper like The New York Times, then it shouldn't be on the front page of Wikipedia either. If you skip one, be sure to add it to Wikipedia:Picture of the day/Unused, with an explanation.

Monthly archive page

If a page for the month does not yet exist, you will have to create it. It's rather simple: Each day's entry consists of a template call: {{POTD/Day|YYYY-MM-DD}}. Add one template for each day in the month. It's easiest just to copy the source from the same month in a previous year and just change the dates accordingly.