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August 1 - Tue

Seal of Colorado
The Colorado coat of arms in 1876, as illustrated by Henry Mitchell in State Arms of the Union. The modern Seal of Colorado, an adaptation of the Territorial Seal adopted by the First Territorial Assembly in 1861, and similar to the coat of arms, was adopted a year after this illustration was published. The coat of arms includes the following devices: the Eye of Providence or 'All Seeing Eye' within a triangle, with golden rays radiating; the Roman fasces, a bundle of birch or elm rods with a battle ax bound together with a ribbon; the heraldic shield bearing a red sky behind a mountain and the pick and sledge hammer, crossed on a golden ground. Below the shield, on a scroll, is the motto, "Nil Sine Numine", meaning "Nothing without providence".Illustration: Henry Mitchell; restoration: Andrew Shiva

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