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Before you continue, you should know...
  • Live help is offered via a public Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel. This channel is not private or one-on-one, and users other than those who interact with you may see what you send.
  • Joining the help channel may disclose your IP address to other users. Clicking the button below will redirect you to a third-party website which may have a different privacy policy than Wikipedia.
  • If you have a common question, it is probably already answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.
  • Help is provided by volunteers, so it might take a few minutes before someone replies to your question. Try leaving the chat window open for a bit.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I ask a question?

Once you join, just type out !helper followed by your question then send it. For example, if you are wondering what you can put on your user page, you should type !helper What can I put on my user page? There is no need to ask if anyone is around or say that you have a question, it usually just delays your answer.
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