Wikipedia:Guide to appealing blocks

This is a guide to making unblock requests.

Users may be blocked from editing by Wikipedia administrators to prevent damage or disruption to Wikipedia. Blocks are lifted if they are not (or no longer) necessary to prevent such damage or disruption.

You, as a blocked editor, are responsible for convincing administrators:

  • that the block was not necessary to prevent damage or disruption (i.e., that the block violates our blocking policy); or:
  • that the block is no longer necessary because you understand what you are blocked for, you will not do it again, and you will make productive contributions instead; or:
  • that your conduct (under any account or IP address) is not connected in any way with the block (this can happen if a block is aimed at resolving a separate situation and you are unintentionally blocked as a result because you use the same IP range).

It also helps to clearly state your reasons for requesting an unblock because:

  • If the background or reason isn't clear, your request may be declined out of hand.
  • In complicated situations, the reviewing administrator may not read your whole talk page and all of your contributions. Relevant information not in your unblock request may be overlooked.
  • If you make repeated invalid or offensive unblock requests, your talk page access may be revoked which makes it even more difficult to request unblocking.

To make an unblock request, copy the following text to the bottom of your user talk page: . Don't forget to insert your own reason to replace "Insert your reason to be unblocked here". We will discuss its composition below. If you find that you cannot edit your talk page, fill out the form at the Unblock Ticket Request System.

More technical and procedural guidance can be found at Wikipedia:Appealing a block.

Before you request unblock

It's important that you understand the reasons why the administrator blocked you before starting an unblock request. A block is not intended as punishment; it's meant to prevent you from making disruptive edits, either in good faith or as vandalism.

Don't ask questions within your unblock request; that's reserved to explain why you will not be a problem to the project, not to request clarifications about policy. Before requesting to be unblocked, you can ask the administrators that blocked you any clarification about their actions, and they're expected to answer them, though first you have to read the policies they have linked as the reason for the block. If you need to attract the attention of an administrator, you can write in your comment and they will get a notice, provided that you sign your edit with four tildes (~~~~).