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This page highlights the finest images on Wikipedia. The featured picture criteria explain that featured pictures must be freely licensed or in the public domain, must be of a high technical quality, and must add significantly to at least one article on Wikipedia. There are currently 6,492 featured pictures, and they are categorized by the topic they represent. All featured pictures are also available in a category.

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Directory of featured pictures


Rufous-collared sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis costaricensis) 2.jpgSwallow-tailed bee-eater (Merops hirundineus chrysolaimus).jpg
» subpages: amphibians, arachnids, birds, cnidarians, crustaceans, echinoderms, fish, insects, mammals, molluscs, reptiles, others


P.S. Krøyer, Et møde i Videnskabernes Selskab, 1897, Det Kongelige Danske Videnskaberners Selskab.jpgEquestrian Portrait of Cornelis (1639–1680) and Michiel Pompe van Meerdervoort (1638–1653) with Their Tutor and Coachman ("Starting for the Hunt") MET DP146442.jpgMuzeum Sułkowskich - Zabytkowy Witraż.jpg
» subpages: East Asian art, literary illustrations, paintings, sculpture, others

Culture, entertainment, and lifestyle

Edison's Greatest Marvel-The Vitascope - Restoration.jpgProgramme for the première of Ubu Roi.jpg
» subpages: culture and lifestyle, entertainment, religion and mythology, sport, theatre


US-NBN-HI-Honolulu-5550-1882BB-10-1-B.jpgPortugal 1729 8 Escudos.jpgArgentina 1828 8 Escudos.jpg
» subpages: American currency, Asian currency, European currency, USA banknotes, USA coins, Other

Diagrams, drawings, and maps

Heinrich Berann NPS Panorama of Yellowstone without labels.jpg
+3 others
Map of the world by the US Gov as of 2016 no legend.svgBraun&Hogenberg Trier 1572.jpg
» subpages: diagrams, drawings, maps

Engineering and technology

Banknote portrait pattern (Intaglio print, tactile effect).jpgExploding E match collage.jpgMacro photo of LED matrix.jpg
» subpages: electronics, machinery, weaponry, others. See also: vehicles

Food and drink

Tastee-Candy-Apple-Red-Caramel-wPeanuts.jpgKifli made with spelt flour (Serbian cuisine).jpgCinnamomum verum spices.jpg
» more ...


Gliophorus chromolimoneus - Ferndale Park.jpgClavulinopsis sulcata - Lane Cove River.jpgDehnbare Helmling Mycena epipterygia.jpg
» more ...


Flèche en feu - Spire on Fire.jpegConvicts Lunatics and Women! Have No Vote for Parliament, ca. 1907-1918.jpgField Marshall Keitel signs German surrender terms in Berlin 8 May 1945 - Restoration.jpg
» subpages: American history, other history, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, other wars

Natural phenomena

Iceberg in the Arctic with its underside exposed.jpgNoru 2017-07-31 0415Z.jpgKatia, Irma, Jose 2017-09-08 1745Z–1935Z.jpg
» subpages: atmospheric optics, weather, others


Princess Swaziland 015.jpgLiliuokalani, c. 1891.jpgSeaborg in lab - restoration.jpg
» subpages: artists and writers, business, entertainment, military, political, religious figures, royalty and nobility, science and engineering, sport, traditional dress, others

Photographic techniques, terms, and equipment

Passiflora caerulea STEREO (R-L) 2019-06-27.jpgStrip photo of San Francisco Cable Car 10.jpgYellowing of thorium lenses.jpg
» more ...


Bogolyubovo asv2019-01 img06 Intercession Church.jpgPorters Pass with Big Ben Range, Torlesse Range, New Zealand.jpgTempio Capitolino Piazza del Foro Brescia.jpg
» subpages: architecture, interiors, landscapes, panorama, urban, others


Polystichum setiferum 'Cristato Pinnulum' (Niervaren). (d.j.b.). 02.jpgFuyu persimmon fruits, one cut open.jpgSyzygium fruit.jpg
» subpages: flowers, fruits, others


Volume rendered CT scan of a pregnancy of 37 weeks of gestational age (smaller).gifNadar - "Hermaphrodite" (Seventh Gallica image).jpgCG Heart.gif
» subpages: biology, geology, materials science, mathematics, others. See also: astronomy.


The Sun by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - 20100819.jpgApollo 11 Launch - GPN-2000-000630.jpgAldrin Looks Back at Tranquility Base - GPN-2000-001102.jpg
» subpages: getting there, looking back, looking out, panorama, understanding


Senator George P. Wetmore of Rhode Island in a Krieger electric automobile.jpgSMS Arcona NH 65764 - Restoration.jpgDaher-Socata TBM 900 Air to Air.jpg
» subpages: air, land, water

Other lifeforms

Staphylococcus aureus, 50,000x, USDA, ARS, EMU.jpgFlagellum base diagram-en.svgGephyrocapsa oceanica color.jpg
» subpages: bacteria, protists


Ebola Virus - Electron Micrograph.tiffTrain station with train and coal depot by Gustave Le Gray1.jpg
» more ...
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