Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Nomination procedure

Nomination procedure

Step 1:

Please read Featured picture criteria on how to evaluate nominations. Most users reference terms from this page when evaluating your nomination.

Step 2:
Create a subpage

Create a page to place the image on; this page needs to be a subpage of Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates. To create your own subpage, add a title for the image you want to nominate in the field below (for example, Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Labrador Retriever). Click the "Create new nomination" button.

For Delists (or Delist & Replace)

Use this field to create a subpage for delisting a current Featured picture.

Step 3:
Transclude and link

Transclude the newly created subpage to the Featured picture candidate list (Featured picture candidate list (direct link).

Too complicated?

If you are unable to follow the above procedure, add your image to Wikipedia talk:Featured picture candidates and mention that you would like to submit your image to Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates, but that you don't know how. If someone else deems it suitable, they will add it to FPC on your behalf. Alternatively, you can request a regular FPC editor to submit an image on your behalf by contacting them on their talk page.

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