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This is a list of featured articles in other language Wikipedias. It is an effort to highlight articles that have gained featured article status in other languages but are not as detailed (or do not even exist) in English. This page currently focuses on seven of the other major languages and gives details about articles that don't yet exist in the English language Wikipedia as well as the Top 20 articles that are significantly larger in the other language.

This page aims at giving sources of information from other languages' Wikipedias to editors. The list has been gathered based on each language's equivalent of the Featured Articles page. The process is currently semi-automated and some errors may occur - do please correct any that you find.

The requirements for being a featured article are different in each language, and articles will still need to go through the featured article candidate nomination procedure in order to gain the featured status here.


English language featured articles (Special index).

English version does not exist

English version exists but is not featured

Both languages are featured