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4 Wikipedia Wikipedia talk 5
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108 Book Book talk 109
118 Draft Draft talk 119
446 Education Program Education Program talk 447
710 TimedText TimedText talk 711
828 Module Module talk 829
2300 Gadget Gadget talk 2301
2302 Gadget definition Gadget definition talk 2303
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Drafts are administration pages in the Draft namespace where new articles may be stored. They help facilitate new articles to develop and receive feedback before being moved to Wikipedia's mainspace. If you are logged in, creating a draft before directly publishing the article is optional. Editors may instead choose to create draft pages in their userspace, or directly into mainspace, if they prefer.

How drafts work

Finding drafts

Drafts are not indexed by most search engines including Google, [note 1] meaning most readers will not find them. Anyone may search and view drafts on Wikipedia directly using Wikipedia's built-in search engine: simply choose "Advanced", then tick "Draft" or "Draft talk" on the list of options (i.e. in this manner). The list of all Draft pages is at Special:AllPages or newly created drafts or visit a random draft.

Creating and editing drafts

Anyone, including users who are not logged in, may create and edit drafts. Drafts in the namespace have "Draft:" before their normal title, and also have an associated draft talk page. Users who have VisualEditor enabled will be able to use VisualEditor just like on articles. Registered editors may also move a userspace draft in to the Draft namespace if they choose.

Create a new draft


Incubation was previously done at the Wikipedia:Article incubator. Once in draftspace, incubated articles have the same status as other drafts.

Moved to incubation...
in need of loving care and gentle handling
  • Articles are incubated as a result of i) a deletion discussion, ii) an undeletion request, or iii) userfication
  • An editor moves the article or userfication into draftspace. For example: [[Foo article]] is moved to [[Draft:Foo article]], and [[Talk:Foo article]] is moved to [[Draft talk:Foo article]]. The redirects left at [[Foo article]] and [[Talk:Foo article]] must be tagged for speedy deletion as a cross-namespace redirect using .
  • It would be helpful to link to the original deletion discussion and the decision to move the article into draftspace.
  • A helpful tool for incubating articles is User:Evad37/MoveToDraft. Especially for users with the page mover user-right, which allows moving without leaving a redirect. For those without the page mover user-right, it is important to tag the redirect for deletion with CSD R2 after moving the article to draft.

Preparing drafts

  • (Optionally) [note 2] add the template {{ Draft article}} at the top of the draft (not the talk page), along with the template's parameter |subject=. A list of appropriate subject fields can be found here.
  • Disable any categories by inserting a colon before the word "Category". Example: change [[Category:Living people]] to [[:Category:Living people]]
  • Non-free content cannot be included in draft articles per Wikipedia's policy on where non-free media is allowed. Any desired non-free content should be added to the article once it has been moved to the mainspace.

Publishing a draft

Publishing a draft will (for now) require an editor to use the page move function to move it in the Main (article) namespace. This means that anonymous editors, or registered editors not autoconfirmed, will need to request publication by inserting into their drafts the relevant template for page move. Editors may also optionally submit drafts for review via the articles for creation process.

An article created in draftspace does not belong to the editor who created it, and any other registered user can decide that it is done and can be published. Editors who do not want that to happen should use their sandbox or talk page subsections.