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Wikipedia:Did you know (DYK) is the project page for the "Did you know" section on the Main Page. The DYK section showcases new or expanded articles that are selected through an informal review process. It is not a general trivia section. The choice of articles is subject to a set of criteria that are set out on this page.

The other sections of changeable content on the Main Page are coordinated at In the news, Picture of the day, Selected anniversaries, Today's featured list (currently Mondays and Fridays), and Today's featured article. More general discussion of the main page takes place at Talk:Main Page, and errors are reported at Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors.

Aims and objectives

Wikipedia's goal is to build and maintain an encyclopedia covering all branches of human knowledge. Over 700 new articles are created and many more expanded each day on the English Wikipedia. DYK showcases new and improved content by presenting a series of facts ("hooks"), some of them accompanied by images, which link to selected articles. The hooks appear for a limited period in the "Did you know...?" box on the Main Page. Editors whose articles appear in DYK will receive an acknowledgement on their user talk pages. The choice of articles is subject to a series of criteria (see DYK rules below). Editors may nominate their own or someone else's work for a DYK appearance.

DYK aims to achieve the following five goals:

  • To showcase new and improved content, illustrating to readers the continuous improvement and expansion of Wikipedia's corpus of articles;
  • To highlight the variety of information on Wikipedia, thereby providing an insight into the range of material that Wikipedia covers.
  • To present facts about a range of topics which may not necessarily otherwise receive Main Page exposure;
  • To acknowledge the work that editors do to expand and improve Wikipedia, encouraging them to continue their efforts and thereby contributing to editor retention and ongoing content improvement;
  • To encourage readers to edit articles that appear on DYK or start their own, thus facilitating the recruitment of new editors.
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