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This page provides a listing of current collaborations, tasks, and news about English Wikipedia. New to Wikipedia? See the contributing to Wikipedia page or our tutorial for everything you need to know to get started. For a listing of internal project pages of interest, see the department directory.

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You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try. (See Wikipedia:Task Center for brief guides.)

Help counter systemic bias by creating new articles on important women.

Help improve popular pages.

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Community bulletin board

The Signpost
29 March 2020

General notices

  • The 50,000 Destubbing Challenge launches in April 2020, starting off with entries done for the March contest. It is a very long term goal to reduce our stub count by 50,000 articles. Editors now with more time to edit during the pandemic please help contribute to setting this off on its way!
  • Wikipedia:WikiProject COVID-19 has been formed to help develop and organize articles on the current pandemic.
  • The Great Britain/Ireland Destubathon is running in March with nearly $500 in book prizes.
  • A newsletter about userscript development on Wikipedia has been created: Wikipedia:Scripts++. To subscribe, visit its mailing list.
  • A project is under way to add short descriptions to all articles. This is mainly for the benefit of mobile users searching Wikipedia. Help is welcomed – please visit WikiProject Short descriptions to learn more.
  • SearchSuite is a userscript that provides user control over search results: it can strip them down to a single-spaced list, sort, and more. Most of its features are presented as menu item toggles to turn each feature on/off. Feedback and feature suggestions welcome.
  • Do you have need for a specialized script that doesn't exist yet, or have an idea for a cool new script or gadget? Post requests and ideas at Wikipedia:User scripts/Requests.
  • Free subscriptions to high-quality paywalled journals, newspaper archives, and online reference works are available for Wikipedia editors. For more information, see Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library

Projects seeking help

Also consider posting WikiProject, Task Force, and Collaboration news at the Signpost's WikiProject Report page.

WikiProjects and Task Forces

Wikiproject group activities and efforts

  • Women in Green. On 10 February the project became a WikiProject in its own right after about four and half years as a task force. The project is dedicated to promoting articles on women to Good Article status. Currently only about 4% of GAs are about women, and very few core articles have reached GA status. New members and interest in this would be appreciated.
  • The Great Britain/Ireland De-stub-athon is a contest/editathon aimed at expanding over 1000 stubs for the UK and Ireland. Almost $500 in Amazon voucher prizes are offered for most articles and most counties covered.
  • WikiProject Military history - March Madness. March Madness is a backlog reduction drive, which will run from 00:01 UTC on 1 March through to 23:59 UTC on 31 March. The drive is open to all Wikipedians. This year the drive is focused on several goals, listed at the event's page, such as e.g. creating articles that are listed as "requested" on the project's various task force pages or other lists of missing articles.
  • Wikipedia:WikiCup. The WikiCup is a championship that has taken place every year on Wikipedia since 2007. The Cup is played and won by skill of editing. The purpose of the Cup is to encourage content creation and improvement and make editing on Wikipedia more fun. The Next round begins March 1 and ends April 28th.
  • Art+Activism: 2020 Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon —Art+Feminism is pleased to announce the theme of its seventh annual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon is Art+Activism. Activism is something that is deeply rooted in the fiber of this organization. Art has long been a vehicle to reflect and urge social, political and cultural change. Just like the word “feminism” can have different meanings to the individual, “activism” can as well. We welcome all interpretations, wide and narrow, of Art+Activism to be part of our 2020 campaign.
  • VisibleWikiWomen (image campaign), March and April 2020. In March and April, WikiProject Women in Red are collaborating again with m:Whose Knowledge?/VisibleWikiWomen by encouraging the upload of images to WikiCommons. These can be photos or other images related to women, their works, and their issues. Anyone can take part in this event. Don't forget to include any new images you post on our other meetup pages. We should keep track of all the new images you add to Commons.
  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors/Backlog elimination drives/March 2020 a month-long copy-editing drive.


  • Wikipedia:The 100,000 Challenge. The quest to bring about 100,000 article improvements and creations globally through a series of 50,000/10,000/1000 Challenges for different regions and countries. This is a loose challenge, a list will not be maintained here, but the components will function independently on each of the subpages. Will be updated every week or two.

Discussions and collaborations

Discussions in the following areas have requested wider attention via Requests for comment:

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