Wikipedia:Advanced article editing

There are several advanced techniques to help improve the editing of Wikipedia articles. Most of the tips given here involve using typical browser settings and standard text-editors, such as those for side-by-side editing. While special software packages to allow customized editing do exist, they are typically not available when using other computers for wiki-editing.

Faster display

Setting user preferences

  • Hide edit-toolbar – Turning off the edit-toolbar can make a short edit-page appear 2x-4x faster (right-click top option "My preferences", click tab "Editing" and unclick "Show edit-toolbar" option).
  • NOTE: Some article intro-sections do not contain every top image, so sometimes, editing just the whole article could be quicker for improving image placement.

Skipping slow parts of articles

  • After clicking "Show preview", all cumbersome tables or navboxes must be reformatted during the preview, but can be skipped by adding comments or #ifeq.
  • Consider commenting out those massive, gigantic bottom navboxes that typically double (or triple) the S-L-O-W-N-E-S-S of article previews: just put "<!--" and "-->" around the bottom navbox-template codings. (Even with high-speed Internet, large navboxes take a long time to load.)
  • Consider conditional skip of text, using MediaWiki #ifeq-statements: using the markup language, surround omitted sections with "{{#if: skip |skip part 1|" and ending with "}}". Only "skip part 1" will show. Although HTML comments cannot be nested, the #ifeq-statements can be nested, as long as the spanned text does not upset the use of vertical-bar "|" or "}}" text.
  • Consider pasting troublesome sections of an article into a test-page for repeated changes and previews: edit as a user-space page (User:XXX/TestZZ) and copy/paste some text there for repeated changing and previewing. Perhaps have an "edit-TestZZ" window all the time.
  • NOTE: For broader testing, the copied part of an article often spans 2 or 3 sections, rather than having just 1 section for editing. Be sure to copy enough sections for an accurate preview.
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