Vivaro-Alpine dialect

Native toFrance, Italy
RegionSouthern France, Occitan Valleys
Language codes
ISO 639-3
gard1245  Gardiol[1]
Linguasphere51-AAA-gf & 51-AAA-gg
Map of Occitan dialects; Vivaro-Alpine dialect in the northeast.

Vivaro-Alpine (Occitan: vivaroalpenc, vivaroaupenc) is a variety of Occitan spoken in southeastern France (namely, around the Dauphiné area) and northwestern Italy (the Occitan Valleys of Piedmont and Liguria).[4][5] There is also a small Vivaro-Alpine enclave in the Guardia Piemontese, Calabria, where the language is known as gardiòl. It belongs to the Northern Occitan dialect bloc, along with Auvergnat and Limousin.The name “vivaro-alpine” was coined by Pierre Bec in the 1970s[6][7]. The Vivaro-Alpine dialects are traditionally called “gavot” from the Maritime Alps to the Hautes-Alpes.

Naming and classification

Vivaro-Alpine had been considered as a sub-dialect of Provençal, and named provençal alpin (Alpine Provençal) or Northern Provençal.[8]

Its use in the Dauphiné area has also led to the use of dauphinois or dauphinois alpin to name it.[9] Along with Ronjat[9] and Bec,[10] it is now clearly recognized as a dialect of its own.

The UNESCO Atlas of World's languages in danger[11] uses the Alpine Provençal name, and considers it as seriously endangered.