Victor Maurus

Saint Victor the Moor
San Vittore in Ciel doro rit..jpg
Born3rd century
Mauretania, Africa
Diedc. 303
Milan, Italy
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Feast8 May
Attributesman being thrown into a furnace; man roasted in an oven; Moorish soldier trampling on a broken altar
PatronageVarese, Italy; Ceriano Laghetto, Italy

Victor the Moor (in Latin: Victor Maurus) (born 3rd century in Mauretania; died ca. 303 in Milan) was a native of Mauretania and a Christian martyr, according to tradition, and is venerated as a saint. Victor, born into a Christian family, was a soldier in the Roman Praetorian Guard. After he had destroyed some pagan altars, he was arrested, tortured, and killed around 303.


Statue of St Victor in Museo del Duomo, Milan. Unknown Milanese sculptor, last decade of 15th century

Gregory of Tours claimed miracles occurred above his grave; a church was built above the supposed site. His cult was particularly promoted by Saint Ambrose, fourth-century bishop of Milan and numerous churches have been dedicated to him in the city itself and throughout the Diocese of Milan and its neighbours.

His memorial day is May 8 in the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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العربية: فيكتور موريس
български: Виктор Мавър
italiano: Vittore il Moro
русский: Виктор Мавр
srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Viktor Maur