Vickers Aircraft Company

Vickers Aircraft Company, LTD
IndustryGeneral Aviation
HeadquartersHamilton, New Zealand
Key people
Paul Vickers - Founder & CEO
Steve Hamblin - COO
ProductsLight Sport Aircraft
WebsiteVickers Aircraft

Vickers Aircraft Company is a small aircraft manufacturer in Hamilton, New Zealand. Vickers Aircraft Company is developing the Vickers Wave, a two-seat amphibious seaplane.


Vickers Aircraft Company was founded in 2011. Previous to being Vickers Aircraft Company, it had been a custom manufacturer of marine and aviation products, operating as Specialized Routing.

Vickers Aircraft specialises in carbon fibre fabrication, and in-house manufacturing of their goods.[1] Special attention is being made to make an aircraft that is producible and highly manufacturable.[2]

The first public forum discussing the Wave was presented at EAA Airventure 2017.[3][4]

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