Upper German

Upper German
Southern Germany, northern and central Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Northern Italy (South Tyrol), France (Alsace)
Linguistic classificationIndo-European
Oberdeutsche Mundarten.png

Upper German (German: About this soundOberdeutsch ) is a family of High German languages spoken primarily in the southern German-speaking area (Sprachraum).

Family tree

Upper German proper can be generally classified as Alemannic or Bavarian. However, the High Franconian dialects, spoken up to the Speyer line isogloss in the north, are also considered part of the larger Upper German dialect group. Whether they should be included as part of Upper German or instead classified as Central German is an open question, as they have traits of both Upper and Central German and are frequently described as a transitional zone. Hence, either scheme can be encountered. Erzgebirgisch, usually lumped in with Upper Saxon on geographical grounds, is closer to East Franconian linguistically, especially the western dialects of Erzgebirgisch.

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