United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
(6th Cir.)
Location Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse
Cincinnati, Ohio
Appeals from
Established December 10, 1869
Chief Judge R. Guy Cole Jr.
Active judges 16
Senior judges 12
Circuit justice Elena Kagan
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The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (in case citations, 6th Cir.) is a federal court with appellate jurisdiction over the district courts in the following districts:

The court is composed of sixteen judges and is based at the Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is one of thirteen United States courts of appeals.

Elena Kagan is the circuit justice for the Sixth Circuit. [1] William Howard Taft, the only person ever to serve as both President and Chief Justice of the United States, once served on the circuit. Four other judges of the Sixth Circuit have been elevated to serve on the Supreme Court.

Decisions issued by the Sixth Circuit were reversed by the United States Supreme Court 24 out of the 25 times they were reviewed in the five annual terms starting in October 2008 and ending in June 2013 — a higher frequency than any other federal appellate court during that time period. [2]

Current composition of the court

# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
56 Chief Judge R. Guy Cole Jr. Columbus, OH 1951 1995–present 2014–present Clinton
53 Circuit Judge Alice M. Batchelder Medina, OH 1944 1991–present 2009–2014 G.H.W. Bush
55 Circuit Judge Karen Nelson Moore Cleveland, OH 1948 1995–present Clinton
57 Circuit Judge Eric L. Clay Detroit, MI 1948 1997–present Clinton
59 Circuit Judge Julia Smith Gibbons Memphis, TN 1950 2002–present G.W. Bush
60 Circuit Judge John M. Rogers Lexington, KY 1948 2002–present G.W. Bush
61 Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton Columbus, OH 1960 2003–present G.W. Bush
62 Circuit Judge Deborah L. Cook Akron, OH 1952 2003–present G.W. Bush
64 Circuit Judge Richard Allen Griffin Traverse City, MI 1952 2005–present G.W. Bush
66 Circuit Judge Raymond M. Kethledge Ann Arbor, MI 1966 2008–present G.W. Bush
67 Circuit Judge Helene N. White Detroit, MI 1954 2008–present G.W. Bush
68 Circuit Judge Jane Branstetter Stranch Nashville, TN 1953 2010–present Obama
69 Circuit Judge Bernice B. Donald Memphis, TN 1951 2011–present Obama
70 Circuit Judge Amul Thapar Covington, KY 1969 2017–present Trump
71 Circuit Judge John K. Bush Louisville, KY 1964 2017–present Trump
72 Circuit Judge Joan Larsen Ann Arbor, MI 1968 2017–present Trump
36 Senior Circuit Judge Damon Keith Detroit, MI 1922 1977–1995 1995–present Carter
37 Senior Circuit Judge Gilbert S. Merritt Jr. Nashville, TN 1936 1977–2001 1989–1996 2001–present Carter
44 Senior Circuit Judge Harry W. Wellford inactive 1924 1982–1991 1991–present Reagan
46 Senior Circuit Judge Ralph B. Guy Jr. Ann Arbor, MI 1929 1985–1994 1994–present Reagan
48 Senior Circuit Judge James L. Ryan inactive 1932 1985–2000 2000–present Reagan
49 Senior Circuit Judge Danny Julian Boggs Louisville, KY 1944 1986–2017 2003–2009 2017–present Reagan
50 Senior Circuit Judge Alan Eugene Norris Columbus, OH 1935 1986–2001 2001–present Reagan
51 Senior Circuit Judge Richard Fred Suhrheinrich Lansing, MI 1936 1990–2001 2001–present G.H.W. Bush
52 Senior Circuit Judge Eugene Edward Siler Jr. London, KY 1936 1991–2001 2001–present G.H.W. Bush
54 Senior Circuit Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey Nashville, TN 1942 1993–2008 2009–present Clinton
58 Senior Circuit Judge Ronald Lee Gilman Memphis, TN 1942 1997–2010 2010–present Clinton
63 Senior Circuit Judge David McKeague Lansing, MI 1946 2005–2017 2017–present G.W. Bush