Ugandan English

  • ugandan english,[1][2] or uglish (ʃ/ yoo-glish),[3] is the variety of english spoken in uganda. the term uglish is first recorded in 2012. other colloquial portmanteau words are uganglish (recorded from 2006) and ugandlish (2010).[4]

  • influence of indigenous languages
  • vocabulary and idioms
  • borrowed terms
  • grammar differences
  • pronunciation
  • spelling
  • notes
  • references
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Ugandan English,[1][2] or Uglish (ʃ/ YOO-glish),[3] is the variety of English spoken in Uganda. The term Uglish is first recorded in 2012. Other colloquial portmanteau words are Uganglish (recorded from 2006) and Ugandlish (2010).[4]

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