Time in Chile

The three time zones of Chile since 2017.

Time in Chile is divided into three time zones. Most of Continental Chile uses the time offset UTC−04:00 in winter time, UTC−03:00 in summer time, while the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica region uses the time offset UTC-03:00 the whole year. Additionally, Easter Island uses the time offset UTC−06:00 in winter time and UTC−05:00 .in summer time[1]

Until 2015, Continental Chile used the time offset UTC−04:00 and Easter Island used UTC−06:00 for standard time, with daylight saving time roughly between October and March every year. In January 2015 the Chilean government announced that the entire country will keep the time offset used during daylight saving time permanently.[2][3] Indeed, there was no time change in 2015, however the annual time change was reinstated in 2016 after feedback from the public about an increase in truancy during the winter months,[4] complaints about older computers and other electronic devices not using the right time zone, and fruit growers reporting a 15% loss in productivity.[5]

Chile returned to UTC−04:00 for winter time for 3 months starting in 2016. This begins the second Saturday of May and ends on the second Saturday of August.[6] Since 2017 a new time zone in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica region has been implemented, having 2 different hours in Continental Chile for the first time.

Time zones

The winter time stars the second Saturday of May and ends on the second Saturday of August.

It has 2 hours of difference from the Continental time and changes the same days.

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