Theodora (wife of Romanos I)

Theodora ( Greek: Θεοδώρα, Medieval Greek:  [θjo'ðora]; died 20 February 922) was a Byzantine Empress consort by marriage to Romanos I Lekapenos. [1]


Her origins and background are not known. She became the mother-in-law to Constantine VII in May or June, 919 with the marriage of the young Emperor to her daughter Helena Lekapene. Her husband Romanos was originally the Droungarios of the Fleet, before rising to become the de facto regent of the Empire after the marriage, when he was proclaimed basileopatōr. In September, 920, Romanos was invested as kaisar ( Caesar). On 17 December 920, Romanos was crowned co-emperor and in effect became the senior of the two associate emperors. Theodora was crowned as Augusta in January 921. She remained in the position until her death a year later.