The Guv'nor and Other Short Stories

The Guv'nor and Other Short Stories (Collins,1932) is a short story compilation by the British crime writer Edgar Wallace.

These are the final stories about Mr. J. G. Reeder, a police officer with "the mind of a criminal". They include

  • "The Guv'nor"
  • " The Man Who Passed" ("The Man from Sing Sing")
  • "The Shadow Man"
  • " The Treasure House"

In America the book was published as Mr. Reeder Returns ( The Crime Club, Doubleday, Doran, 1932) with the stories in a different order: "The Guv'nor", "The Man from Sing Sing", "The Treasure House", and "The Shadow Man".

A later (1965) edition Mr. J. G. Reeder Returns contains only "The Treasure House" and "The Shadow Man" - the 1969 imprint was a tie in with the 1969 Thames Television series The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder, starring Hugh Burden.

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