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Displays the current Picture of the day in a box of no more than 600 pixels wide, without the explanatory text.

It is also possible to create your own custom POTD layouts, in case the already-existing versions will not look good within your user page design. Mix and match the following components to make your own. This system will only work for Pictures of the day selected beginning January 1, 2007. Be sure to replace [date] with an appropriate date value. For a dynamically updating version, use ).

Template Description Renders as
The name of the image, without the Image: prefix. Funifor Arabba Porta Vescovo.jpg
The size of the image, without the trailing px. 399
The image caption. A Funifor is a type of cable car with two guide ropes, patented by the Doppelmayr Garaventa Group. Two reversible cabins run on parallel tracks and, unlike other types of aerial tramway, the two drives for the two cabins are not interconnected. At the top of each track the haul rope for that track loops back to the bottom instead of looping over to serve the other track. This feature allows for single-cabin operation when traffic warrants. The independent drive also allows for evacuations to occur by means of a bridge connected between the two adjacent cabins. The Funifor system is stable in high wind conditions owing to the horizontal distance between the two guide ropes comprising each track.

This picture shows a Funifor in the Arabba-Porta Vescovo ski resort in Italy.

A link to the article the image represents. Funifor
A linkless short caption, also useful as an alt attribute. Funifor

There are two additional pre-defined layouts

  • : This has the image and caption above each other with no borders. Used on some of the Main Page alternatives and suitable for user pages as well.
  • : This has the image and caption encapsulated in (usually) a single table row. This is the version used on the Main Page.

It is also possible to permanently feature a POTD for a selected day. Just add a specific value for the date you want. For example, today's POTD is {{POTD/2019-04-22|image}}. Likewise, you can use date parameters with the other templates as well. If you like the pre-made formats, you can use date parameters there as well, like this: . Again, this system will only work for Pictures of the day selected beginning January 1, 2007.

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