Takelma language

Native to United States
Region Oregon, Rogue Valley along the middle course of the Rogue River
Ethnicity Takelma, Latgawa, Cow Creek band of Upper Umpqua
Extinct 1934, with the death of Frances Johnson
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tkm
Glottolog take1257 [1]
Takelman langs.png
Takelma (south), with the Kalapuyan languages to the north
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Takelma ə/ [2] was the language spoken by the Latgawa and Takelma people and Cow Creek band of Upper Umpqua. It was first extensively described by Edward Sapir in his graduate thesis, The Takelma Language of Southwestern Oregon. [3] The last fluent speaker of Takelma, with whom Sapir worked while writing about the language, was Frances Johnson (Gwísgwashãn).


There was possibly a Cow Creek dialect spoken in southwestern Oregon along the South Umpqua River, Myrtle Creek, and Cow Creek. [4]

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