City in Tehran
Fruit bazaar of Tajrish
Fruit bazaar of Tajrish
Tajrish is located in Iran
Coordinates: 35°48′16″N 51°25′32″E / 35°48′16″N 51°25′32″E / 35.80444; 51.42556UTC+4: 30 (IRDT)

Tajrish (Persian: تجريش‎, pronounced [t̪ʰæd͡ʒˈɾiːʃ], also Romanized as Tajrīš)[1] is a city in Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, Iran, which has since been absorbed into Tehran.

The Tajrish neighbourhood is located along the northern edge of Tehran. This neighbourhood is one of the oldest parts of Tehran and during the last few decades, has become popular with the wealthy by virtue of the low levels of pollution, in turn created by the area's favorable location along Tehran's northern hills. Tajrish is situated in the Shemiranat County. As of 2006, the neighborhood had 86,000 inhabitants.


  • The name Tajrish is given from the language of Tat which was the official language of Shemiran before choosing Tehran as the capital.
  • Pahlavi tigr means "arrow", in the same family as Old Persian tigra- "pointed" (compare tigra-xauda), Modern Persian têz "sharp" because of its mountainous topography and also Tajrish river in this region. Tigris in Mesopotamia has a same name and etymology.
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