TAROM Flight 371

TAROM Flight 371
Airbus A310-324, Delta Air Lines AN0134746.jpg
The aircraft involved in the accident in 1992, while still in service with Delta Air Lines
Date31 March 1995 (1995-03-31)
SummaryMechanical failure followed by pilot error
SiteBaloteşti (Near Otopeni International Airport), Romania
44°35′54.5″N 26°06′23.2″E / 44°35′54.5″N 26°06′23.2″E / 44.598472; 26.106444
Aircraft typeAirbus A310-324
Aircraft nameMuntenia
IATA flight No.RO371
ICAO flight No.ROT371
Call signTAROM 371
Flight originOtopeni International Airport, Bucharest, Romania
DestinationBrussel-Zaventem Airport, Brussels, Belgium

TAROM Flight 371 (RO371/ROT371) was a scheduled international passenger flight, flying with an Airbus A310 from Otopeni International Airport in Romania's capital Bucharest to Brussels Airport in Brussels, Belgium. The flight was operated by TAROM, the flag carrier of Romania. On 31 March 1995 the Airbus A310-324, registered as YR-LCC, stalled after take off and crashed near Baloteşti in Romania. All 60 people aboard were killed in the crash.[1]

Investigation on the crash revealed that the throttle of the starboard engine jammed in-flight. The crew later failed to respond properly to the failure. This combination led the aircraft to crash. The investigative committee concluded that mechanical failure followed by pilot error as the cause of the crash. The crash was the deadliest plane crash in Romania's history. It was also the deadliest plane crash in TAROM's operational history.


The aircraft involved in the crash was an Airbus A310-324 registered as YR-LCC. The aircraft has an MSN number of 450 and had its first flight in 1987. It was powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada engines and had logged in 31.092 flight hours and 6.216 cycles. Its airworthiness was issued on 13 April 1994.[2]