Stern (magazine)

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Stern magazine cover on 18 February 2016
EditorFlorian Gless, Anna-Beeke Gretemeier
CategoriesNews magazine
Circulation750,810 (2014)
Year founded1948
First issue1 August 1948; 70 years ago (1948-08-01)
CompanyGruner + Jahr

Stern (pronounced [ʃtɛʁn], German for "Star") is a weekly news magazine published in Hamburg, Germany, by Gruner + Jahr, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann.

History and profile

Henri Nannen created the magazine[1] out of the youth paper Zick Zack,[2][3] and the first issue appeared on 1 August 1948.[4][5][6] This was possible after obtaining a licence from the British military government to rename Zick-Zack to Stern,[7] for which Nannen had taken over the licence a few months before. The first issue had 16 pages, with the cover showing actress Hildegard Knef.[8] Nannen also edited the magazine of which headquarters is in Hamburg.[9][10]

In the 1960s the magazine became the founding member of the European Car of the Year.[11] In 1965 the magazine was sold to Gruner + Jahr.[5] In 1968, Stern and Die Zeit began publishing the Stern-Zeit bi-weekly paper for the blind, which stopped publication in mid-2007 due to financial problems.

Stern is published on a weekly basis[12] and has a leftist stance.[1] In the 2013 elections the magazine was among the supporters of the SPD.[13]

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