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Sochi (English)
Сочи (Russian)
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Views of Sochi, Top:Sochi Summer (Zimny) Theater, 2nd left:A monument of Mikhael archangel in Kurorthy Prospekt, 2nd right:Sochi Rail Station, 3rd left:Svobodny Perevlok Cinema, 3rd right:Cathedral of the Sochi Archangel Mikhael, Bottom:Sochi Port
Map of Russia - Krasnodar Krai (2008-03).svg
Location of Krasnodar Krai in Russia
Sochi is located in Krasnodar Krai
Location of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai
Coordinates: 43°35′07″N 39°43′13″E / 43.58528°N 39.72028°E / 43°35′07″N 39°43′13″E / 43.58528; 39.72028
Coat of Arms of Sochi (Krasnodar krai).svg
Flag of Sochi (Krasnodar krai).svg
Coat of arms
Administrative status (as of May 2013)
Country Russia
Federal subject Krasnodar Krai [1]
Administratively subordinated to City of Sochi [1]
Administrative center of City of Sochi [1]
Municipal status (as of June 2009)
Urban okrug Sochi Urban Okrug [2]
Administrative center of Sochi Urban Okrug [2]
Mayor [3] Anatoly Pakhomov [3]
Representative body City Assembly[ citation needed]
Area (city) (January 2008) 176.77 km2 (68.25 sq mi) [4]
Population ( 2010 Census) 343,334 inhabitants [5]
Rank in 2010 52nd
Density 1,942/km2 (5,030/sq mi) [6]
Time zone MSK ( UTC+03:00) [7]
Founded 1838 [8] [9]
Previous names Dakhovsky (until 1896) [8]
Postal code(s) [10] 354000, 354002–354004, 354008–354010, 354013, 354014, 354018, 354019, 354022, 354024, 354025, 354030, 354031, 354033, 354036, 354037, 354039, 354053–354055, 354057, 354059, 354061, 354065–354068, 354071, 354073, 354084, 354099, 354200, 354202–354214, 354216–354218, 354220, 354226, 354231, 354233, 354299, 354340, 354346, 354348, 354349, 354354, 354355, 354364, 354380, 354382, 354383, 354399, 993501
Dialing code(s) +7 8622[ citation needed]
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Sochi ( Russian: Со́чи; IPA:  [ˈsotɕɪ]) is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Black Sea coast near the border between Georgia/ Abkhazia and Russia. The Greater Sochi area, which includes territories and localities subordinated to Sochi proper, has a total area of 3,526 square kilometers (1,361 sq mi) [4] and sprawls for 145 kilometers (90 mi) [11] along the shores of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains.[ citation needed] The area of the city proper is 176.77 square kilometers (68.25 sq mi). [4] According to the 2010 Census, the city had a permanent population of 343,334, [5] up from 328,809 recorded in the 2002 Census, [12] making it Russia's largest resort city. Being part of the Caucasian Riviera, it is one of the very few places in Russia with a subtropical climate, with warm to hot summers and mild winters.

With the alpine and Nordic events held at the nearby ski resort of Roza Khutor in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi hosted the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014, as well as the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2014 until at least 2020. [13] [14] It will also be one of the host cities for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Greater Sochi is elongated along the Black Sea coast for 145 kilometers (90 mi). Sochi is in the north of Western Asia, falling on the southern (Asian) side of the Greater Caucasus. [15] [16] Sochi is approximately 1,603 kilometers (996 mi) from Moscow. [17]

The city of Sochi borders with Tuapsinsky District in the northwest, with Apsheronsky District and with Maykopsky District of the Republic of Adygea in the north, with Mostovsky District in the northwest, and with Georgia/ Abkhazia in the southeast. From the southwest, it is bordered by the Black Sea.

Map of Black Sea showing location of Sochi on the east coast
Map of Black Sea showing location of Sochi
Sochi seen from the Black Sea
Sochi seen from the Black Sea

The vast majority of the population of Sochi lives in a narrow strip along the coast and is organized in independent microdistricts (formerly settlements). The biggest of these microdistricts, from the northwest to the southeast, are Lazarevskoye, Loo, Dagomys, central Sochi ( Tsentralny City District), Khosta, Matsesta, and Adler. The whole city is located on the slopes of the Western Caucasus which descend to the Black Sea and are cut by the rivers. The biggest rivers in Sochi are the Mzymta, which is in fact the longest Black Sea tributary in Russia, and the Shakhe. Other rivers include the Ashe, the Psezuapse, the Sochi, the Khosta, and the Matsesta. The Psou River makes the border with Abkhazia.

The northeastern part of the city belongs to the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve which is a World Heritage Site spanning vast areas in Krasnodar Krai and Adygea. Almost the whole area of the Greater Sochi, with the exception of the coast and of the area which belong to the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, are included into Sochi National Park.

Sochi has a humid subtropical climate [18] [19] with mild winters (average 11 °C (52 °F) during the day and 4 °C (39 °F) at night) in the period from December to March and warm summers (average 24 °C (75 °F) during the day and 16 °C (61 °F) at night) in the period from May to October.