Slovenian presidential election, 2017

Slovenian presidential election, 2017
←  2012 22 October 2017 (first round)
12 November 2017 (second round)
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  Borut Pahor 2010-10-08.jpg Marjan Šarec in Logatec 2017.jpg
Nominee Borut Pahor Marjan Šarec
Party Independent LMŠ
Popular vote 373,877 332,366
Percentage 52.94% 47.06%

President before election

Borut Pahor

Elected President

Borut Pahor

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Presidential elections were held in Slovenia on 22 October 2017. Nine candidates ran in the elections, including the incumbent President of Slovenia Borut Pahor. No candidate received a majority of the vote, resulting in a run-off between Pahor and Marjan Šarec that was held on 12 November 2017. [1] Pahor won the run-off with roughly 53% of the vote; [2] voter turnout in the second round was 41.84%, the lowest in any presidential election since independence. [3]

Electoral system

The President of Slovenia is elected using the two-round system; if no candidate receives a majority of the vote in the first round, the top two candidates contest a runoff. [4]

Under Slovenian Election Law, candidates for president are required to meet one of three criteria:

  • The support of ten members of the National Assembly
  • The support of one or more political parties and either three members of the National Assembly or signatures from 3,000 voters
  • Signatures from 5,000 voters

Each political party can support only one candidate.