Shin Bet

Israel Security Agency
שירות הביטחון הכללי
Sherut haBitaẖon haKlali, General Security Service
جهاز الأمن العام
Israel Security Agency.svg
Emblem of the Shabak
Common nameShabak
AbbreviationEnglish: ISA, Local: Shabak - Hebrew: שב״כ‬, Arabic: شاباك
Mottoמגן ולא יראה
Magen veLo Yera'e
The Defender that shall not be seen or The unseen shield
Agency overview
FormedFebruary 8, 1949[1]
Preceding agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyIsrael
Operations jurisdictionIsrael
Governing bodyPrime Minister of Israel

Agency executive

The Israel Security Agency (ISA, Hebrew: שירות הביטחון הכלליSherut ha-Bitaẖon haKlali "General Security Service"; Arabic: جهاز الأمن العام‎), better known by the acronym Shabak (Hebrew: שב״כ‬, IPA: [ʃaˈbak] (About this soundlisten), Arabic: شاباك‎) or the Shin Bet (a two-letter Hebrew abbreviation of the name), is Israel's internal security service. Its motto is "Magen veLo Yera'e" (מגן ולא יראה‬, lit. "Defender that shall not be seen" or "The unseen shield").

It is one of three principal organizations of the Israeli intelligence community, alongside Aman (military intelligence) and the Mossad (foreign intelligence service).


Shabak is believed to have three operational wings:[2]

  • The Arab Affairs Department: responsible primarily for Arab-related counterterrorism activities in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.
  • The Non-Arab Affairs Department: responsible for non-Arab security issues and cooperation with foreign security agencies, previously concerned with the Communist Bloc.
  • The Protective Security Department: responsible for protecting high-value individuals and locations in the country such as government officials, embassies, airports, and research facilities.

The counter-terrorist unit Yamas is directly subordinate to Shin Bet.

Although a security agency, it is not a part of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and its chief answers directly to the Prime Minister of Israel.

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