Shen Chun-shan

Shen Chun-shan
Born(1932-08-29)29 August 1932
Died12 September 2018(2018-09-12) (aged 86)
NationalityRepublic of China (Taiwan)
Alma mater
EmployerNational Tsing Hua University
Chinese name
Hanyu PinyinShěn Jūnshān
Hokkien POJSím Kun-san

Shen Chun-shan (29 August 1932 – 12 September 2018) was a Chinese physicist in Taiwan who served as president of National Tsing Hua University from 1994 to 1997.[1][2] He was known as one of the "four princes of Taiwan" along with Chen Li-an, Fredrick Chien, and Lien Chan, all of whose fathers attained prominence in politics prior to their sons' successes.[3]

Early life and education

Shen was born in Nanjing; his paternal family roots are in Yuyao, Zhejiang. His father Shen Tsung-han [zh] was an agricultural expert.[3] Shen's parents were both highly educated and had studied in the United States; his maternal grandfather also went to France as an exchange student.[3] Shen followed his father to Taiwan a few years later in 1949.[3] Shen's father rose to further political prominence in Taiwan, eventually becoming the chairman of the Council of Agriculture.[3]

Shen graduated from National Taiwan University's physics department in 1955.[4] In 1957, he left Taiwan for the United States, to enroll in a doctoral program in physics from the University of Maryland, from which he graduated in 1961.[2] His dissertation was entitled "Dispersion relation for the electron impact width and shift of an isolated line".[5]

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