Satis (goddess)

Satis worshiped by Sobekhotep III - 83d40m - Brooklyn Museum.JPG
Satis being worshiped by Pharaoh Sobekhotep III (Thirteenth Dynasty), c. 1760 BC
Name in hieroglyphs
Major cult centerAbu (Elephantine)
SymbolHedjet crown; antelope; ankh; bow; arrow; flowing river; Sirius
ConsortMontu; Khnum; Ra
A stele including the Elephantine Triad (Eighteenth Dynasty).
A Ptolemaic Kingdom representation of Satis

Satis (Ancient Egyptian: Sṯt or Sṯı͗t,[8] lit. "Pourer" or "Shooter"), also known by numerous related names, was an Upper Egyptian goddess who, along with Khnum and Anuket, formed part of the Elephantine Triad. A protective deity of Egypt's southern border with Nubia, she came to personify the former annual flooding of the Nile and to serve as a war, hunting, and fertility goddess.

She was sometimes conflated with Isis and Sopdet, goddess of the bright star Sirius,[9] which the Egyptians connected with the onset of the Nile flooding. Under the interpretatio graeca, she was conflated with Hera[9] and Juno.


The exact pronunciation of Egyptian is often uncertain since vowels were not recorded until a very late period. In transcription, the goddess's name also appears as Setis, Sati, Setet, Satet, Satit, and Sathit.[1] Derived from sṯ, meaning "eject", "shoot", "pour", or "throw", her name can be variously translated as "She who Shoots" or "She who Pours" depending on which of her roles is being emphasized.[1]

Her name was originally written with the hieroglyph for a linen garment's shoulder knot (S29); this was later replaced by Anuket's animal hide pierced by an arrow (F29).[9] She was also known by epithets, such as "Mistress of Elephantine"[9] and "She Who Runs Like an Arrow", thought to refer to the flowing river current.

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