Raymond Patriarca Jr.

Raymond Patriarca Jr. (born February 24, 1945), a.k.a. Ray Junior and Junior, is a former gangster from Providence, Rhode Island and the son of Italian-American mob boss Raymond L.S. Patriarca, after whom the Patriarca crime family was named. The crime family has a faction in Providence and another in Boston, Massachusetts, and he was boss of the family for six years after the death of his father in 1984.

Crime family

In 1970, Patriarca Senior (also known as Il Patrone) was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, along with several of his mob family associates. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but continued to run his crime family while there.[1]

Patriarca Sr. continued to be pursued by law enforcement for the rest of his life, and he was charged numerous times for a variety of crimes until his death in 1984. In 1983, he was charged with the murder of Raymond Curcio, and he was arrested in 1984 for the murder of Robert Candos, whom the mob boss believed was an informant.[2]

Il Patrone died of a heart attack, aged 76, on July 11, 1984, bringing into question the leadership succession of the New England crime family.

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