Rafael García Herreros

Rafael García Herreros (Cúcuta, 1909–Bogotá, 1992) was a Colombian leader of the Charismatic Catholic Minuto de Dios organization.

Rafael García Herreros born in Cúcuta January 17 of 1909, son of the Julio César García Herreros Orbegozo and of María Unda Pérez. In 1923, when he was 14 years old, he went to Catholic Seminary of Pamplona, where he finished his studies in November 1927 . In 1928 he was invited to be a member to Congregation of Jesus and Mary, founded by St. Juan Eudes; He became a member the February 7 of 1932. In the following years and until the 2000, García Herreros studied philosophy, Latín, Greek, English, science, ecclesiastical history, interpretation of the Bible, dogma, canonical, straight canonical, Hebrew, art, literature and others.

In 1950 he began hosting a radio show "El Minuto de Dios," a daily one-minute show of religious reflection. It proved popular and soon expanded on the radio and moved to television in 1955. In 1961 he began to Banquete del Millon fundraiser, where the wealthy paid large amounts to eat a simple meal. The organization used the funds to build housing for the poor.

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